THE Beatles' first album PLEASE PLEASE ME is a shock entry in a new poll of the top 50 gay albums of all time. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr's 1963 album, which included the hits Twist and Shout and I SAW HER STANDING THERE, featured in the chart compiled by British gay magazine Attitude, alongside records by Abba, SIR Elton John and Boy George. SIMON NAPIER-BELL former manager of George Michael'S ex-band Wham! says, "That summer it was the gay album. Every party, every club, everywhere you went, Please Please Me blasted out. George and Paul singing into one microphone, their cheeks touching, was the gayest thing we'd ever seen." The top ten gay albums of all time are as follows: 1. SCISSOR SISTERS - SCISSOR SISTERS (2004) 2. ABBA - ARRIVAL (1976) 3. MORRISSEY - VAUXHALL AND I (1994) 4. KYLIE MINOGUE - LIGHT YEARS (2000) 5. GEORGE MICHAEL - OLDER (1996) 6. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME (1984) 7. MADONNA - EROTICA (1992) 8. ANTHONY AND THE JOHNSONS - I AM A BIRD NOW (2005) 9. DONNA SUMMER - BAD GIRLS (1979) 10. DAVID BOWIE - THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (1970).