Nearly four decades after the tragic event happened, some people still can't get over the Beatles splitting up.

One tribute band, the Fab Faux, are attracting publicity for their efforts to make the past live on in the present.

The Faux, who have five members rather than the more predictable four, plan on performing a live version of the album the Beatles would have released had they not parted ways in 1970.

Among the set-list are classic solo-era songs from the former Beatles, best-known today for adorning the various solo albums released in a flood of post-Beatles liberation.

John Lennon's Jealous Guy, Instant Karma and Gimme Some Truth are among those included on the fictional album. Paul McCartney's Hot As Sun and Oo You feature, as do George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and My Sweet Lord, according to the Reuters news agency.

What might have been one of the Liverpudlian lads' best albums will get its test-run in New York next week. Whether it stands up to the fans' critical opinion remains to be seen.

10/03/2007 16:02:44