THE Beatles were mobbed by British diplomats during a visit to the country's embassy in Washington D.C. in 1964, according to newly-released government files. British newspaper Daily Express reports the U.K. Foreign Office attempted to cover up the incident, in which the Fab Four were accosted by embassy employees at a charity ball hosted by the then-ambassador Baron Harlech and his wife Lady Sylvia Ormsby-Gore. The diplomats were so out of control, one member of the group even snipped a lock of drummer Ringo Starr's hair. An eyewitness report says John Lennon was pushed and pulled by "a rugby scrum of young Foreign Office officials" and George Harrison was trapped in a corner surrounding my over-zealous fans. Ormsby-Gore wrote an apology to the group, saying, "I really am terribly sorry about the scene in the ballroom."