Computer giant Apple Inc. has denied reports the Beatles' back catalogue will soon be made available on their download website iTunes. Ex-Beatle Sir Paul MCCartney was allegedly planning to release the Fab Four's entire collection of songs and albums onto the music website in the coming months, to counter a hefty divorce payout to former wife Heather Mills. The former glamour model - who represented herself in the divorce case last month (Feb08) - could reportedly walk away with $120 million (GBP60 million) of the singer's estimated $1.65 billion (GBP825 million) personal fortune when a London judge delivers his settlement decision on 17 March. The addition of such albums as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the White Album and Help! to iTunes was estimated to be worth around $400 million (GBP200 million) for MCCartney if reports were true. But a spokesperson for Apple Inc. has dismissed the claims, telling U.S. publication Billboard, "This is not news nor is it a scoop."