A treasure trove of unseen Beatles and Rolling Stones snaps and letters have been unearthed in a California woman's bedroom.
Patti Daley befriended the stars of the 1960s British invasion and collected the rock 'n' roll memorabilia they gave her, the letters they wrote and the photos she took.
When the friendships ended and the stars became superstars, Daley, now 64, filed all the memories away in boxes she kept under her bed.
Now, almost 50 years later, Daley has opened up about her collection for the first time, explaining she had amazing access to the Fab Four and the Stones because her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Ed Davis, was an unsung guitar hero beloved by the British stars.
She says, "When rock 'n' roll was really happening, everyone loved his (Davis') playing and sought after him to play on their records."
Daley travelled the world with her lover, taking photos of their famous friends wherever she went.
She tells U.S. news network MSNBC, "I just kept my Polaroid camera on me all the time."
Daley captured images from John Lennon's infamous 'lost weekend' and took some of the final Beatles band shots before they split.
And a handful of magical snaps feature Paul MCCartney playing a piano at Lennon's beach house in 1974, the former songwriting partners' first meeting after the break-up.
She even owns the handwritten lyrics to Lennon's hit Whatever Gets You Through The Night.
Daley has no idea what she'll do with her collection and she's open to offers - but she does want to share her amazing moments with fans.
She adds, "I feel very privileged to have met the people I've met and heard the music I've heard."