The Beatles are expected to dominate the UK album chart this week.

The 'Fab Four' are predicted to win five places in the top twenty after the re-release of their entire back catalogue in stereo.

'Abbey Road', 'Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band' and 'Revolver' are selling the most copies, and might climb as high as numbers one, two and three on the chart respectively.

Digitally remastered versions of all 13 of the Liverpool band's albums were released on Wednesday (09.09.09), nearly 30 years after the group split in 1970.

Martin Talbot, managing director of The Official Chart Company, told NME magazine: "These results for the reissues indicate that Beatlemania is alive and well.

"There are still three more sales days to be counted - today, Friday and Saturday - so this story is not complete yet. But already it is clear that the Beatles' enduring appeal shows no signs of waning."

The top 10 selling remastered Beatles albums based on first day sales:

1. 'Abbey Road'

2. 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

3. 'Revolver'

4. 'The Beatles (Stereo Box Set)'

5. 'Rubber Soul'

6. 'The Beatles'

7. 'Past Masters'

8. 'Magical Mystery Tour'

9. 'The Beatles In Mono'

10. 'A Hard Day's Night'