Running THE Beatles' Apple Corps business turned George Harrison from a chilled-out hippie to a frazzled 30-something, according to the late rocker's former wife PATTIE BOYD.
In a new exhibition of personal snapshots from her collection of photographs, Boyd has featured one picture of Harrison lying on a bed in an Indian hotel room - and she insists it was the last photo of Harrison before he became a businessman.
Taken in 1968, the shot was taken just after Harrison and his bandmates had left a meditation campus in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Boyd recalls, "They all went back to England because they wanted to deal with their new business, Apple Corps.
"George just couldn't face it; he just couldn't imagine going from a totally wonderful meditation to the madness of London and the new business, so he wanted a break.
"We went down to Madras and we were just staying in a hotel. I was talking to him and I had my camera and I thought the light was really rather beautiful the way it was playing on his face, and I thought that he looked particularly calm.
"On reflection, it's the last really calm photograph of George because, after that, we went back to London and he had to start running Apple and making all these business decisions that musicians don't traditionally have to do, particularly when they're so young. He was still under 30."
Boyd's collection is currently on display at Morrison Hotel Gallery locations in California and New York.