LATEST: THE Beatles missed the chance to stop internet users illegally downloading their music by refusing to sign up to Apple's iTunes service, the technology giant claimed in court today (30MAR06). The Fab Four's record label Apple Corps is currently battling Apple Computer in London's High Court over the latter's music industry ventures - which Apple Corps claims breaches a 1991 agreement that Apple Computer would not enter the music industry. The British-based company wants a court order to ban the American firm from using the Apple logo in connection with the iTunes downloading service. Because of the rift, Apple Corps refused to sign up to iTunes, meaning Beatles fans have to seek their music elsewhere online. Apple Computer claim iTunes provides security for music and musicians that refuse to get involved encourage piracy and expose their music to pirates. Lawyer LORD GRABINER QC said in court today, "Apple Computer has been able to persuade every major content provider to distribute through the iTunes Music Store. "But Apple Computer has not been able to persuade Apple Corps in relation to The Beatles catalogue."