LATEST: The legal clash between THE Beatles' company Apple Corps and Apple Computer raged on yesterday (06APR06), with the computing firm insisting they possess the exclusive right to use their apple logo. Apple Corps has accused Apple Computer of breaching an agreement the two firms reached 15 years ago (91) by selling music. The pair have been tussling since the technology giant was formed in 1976. They agreed to share the name Apple and the apple logo in 1981, but ended up in court in 1989 as Apple Computer became increasingly involved in the entertainment industry. In 1991 the computer firm - founded by STEVE JOBS - was forced to pay $26 million (GBP15.3 million) in damages and was barred from entering the music business. Now Apple Corps, owned by Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the families of late stars George Harrison and John Lennon, claims that, by selling music from its iTunes website, Apple is breaching the 1991 agreement. Apple Computer's lawyer ANTHONY GRABINER told a London court, "Apple Computer has the exclusive right to use the apple mark if used to indicate the source or origin of the hardware and downloading services mentioned in the advert." However, Apple Corps' lawyer NEIL VOS hit back, saying, "We say that Apple Computer has been using the apple mark in connection with musical content. "It uses those marks on its music store site at the point of sale of the music content. It signs artists on its site in just the way a record company would." A verdict is expected to be reached after 16 April 06.