Rap superstars THE Beastie Boys have dedicated their new album to the campaign to oust American President George W Bush from the White House.

After two years sculpting the follow-up to their last LP HELLO NASTY the trio have finally completed TO THE 5 BOROUGHS, which is inspired by the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks, the war in Iraq and the policies of Bush.

And they are so keen to help the Democratic campaign, they have brought forward the release of the LP to June (04) - just four months before November's (04) Presidential Election.

Rapper MCA says, "There were discussions that we should try and get the record done in time for the election. That it might actually have a little bit of an effect. That we might be able to help out getting this fool out of office. The man is a complete moron.

"He's just a sick f***. I think we'd be hard-pressed to get someone worse than Bush. I think if you had to sum it up he's an incredibly selfish man and his administration in my opinion puts Americans ahead of people in other countries."

05/05/2004 17:24