Rap pioneers the Beastie Boys have turned their fans into moviemakers after turning footage shot on digital cameras of a 2004 New York show into a new concert film.

The trio gave 50 random fans Hi-8 video cameras and asked them all to capture their show at Madison Square Garden last October (04).

The results will feature on the group's new movie AWESOME: I F**KIN' SHOT THAT.

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch tells MTV News, "It just seems like so many concert videos and films I see are done in this one style, with the flying boom that kind of swings out over the crowd.

"I was looking around on our website one time, when we were on tour, and someone had filmed something on his phone. It looked really cool, just a little clip of the band running on stage at the beginning of the show, maybe 20 seconds long.

"There was something about the hand-held thing and the rough edge of the way the stuff looked, and I thought it might be interesting to document the show like that, by giving lo-res (resolution) cameras to the audience.

"So we posted on our site's message boards asking people who had tickets if they'd be interested in filming. A bunch of people responded, and we asked them for their seat numbers. We looked at a seating chart and found people who were spread out pretty evenly around the arena."