Beastie Boys rapper Mike D spent his Thanksgiving holiday (22Nov12) volunteering in New York to help feed victims of superstorm Sandy.

The star, real name Michael Diamond, spread a little festive cheer to residents of Far Rockaway - an area which was badly affected by the storm last month (Oct12) - by serving up meals at the Challenge Preparatory Charter School.

Diamond was joined by his two young sons, and insists he was happy to help dish up festive food to 500 needy locals.

He tells the New York Daily News, "We came out here right after the hurricane and one of the first needs was hot food. We want to be part of the recovery and relieve some of the suffering."

Rocker Patti Smith also did her bit to boost the spirits of locals by performing a solo concert in a relief tent.

Smith, who recently purchased a home in the Rockaway Beach area, was abroad when the storm hit but kept up-to-date with the disaster on the news.

She told the crowd, "I was in Spain, I had jobs to do, but every day, I watched the news, I said prayers for you all, I thought of you, I talked about you in every country I was in. I can't wait to finish my tour... and join you in rebuilding."