The Beastie Boys once threw a whole roast chicken out of a 14th floor window as part of a bizarre game which involved lobbing food at a man wearing a bowler hat.
The rap group was staying in a top London hotel when they spotted a gentleman walking down the street outside - and they began pelting him with Scotch eggs, a British snack made from a hard-boiled egg covered with meat and breadcrumbs.
The silly game escalated and ended with an entire chicken being dropped onto the street below.
Bandmember Mike D tells Britain's NME, "We've had some seriously good times in London - like the time we threw a whole cooked chicken out of a 14th storey window. We don't do TVs out of windows. Roast chickens is our way...
"It was Scotch eggs that caused the chicken out of the window incident... We saw a guy wearing a bowler hat - he was like a cartoon of what we Americans think English people look like. We tried to knock his bowler hat off by throwing Scotch eggs at his hat from our window. Naturally, s**t spiralled, out went the chicken. That was, like, 1986. Good times."