Bear Grylls wants to spend a night in the wild with Jennifer Lopez.

The ex-SAS soldier - who recently filmed a one-off episode of his TV show 'Born Survivor' in Northern Sweden with Will Ferrell - would like to see the singer-and-actress try to survive in extreme conditions.

He said: "I think Jennifer Lopez would be interesting. Seeing the other side of someone who seems so unyielding but is actually quite resilient underneath would be interesting."

Bear also spoke of Will's appearance on the show, saying it was a lot harder than the 'Anchorman' actor had prepared for.

He said: "Will arrived a bit like a scared rabbit, shocked from capture. I think he lived 10 lifetimes in those two days."

Although Bear said Will seemed shocked by it all, it was recently revealed the funnyman saved the life of the adventurer after stopping him from plummeting to his death.

Will said: "There was a moment when we were going down the side of an ice cliff and Bear slipped and I was holding the rope. I literally had to sit there for 40 minutes while we worked out how to get him back up. That was pretty hard and cold!"