Rapper Beanie Sigel's supervised release has been extended by a judge in Philadelphia, after he failed a drug test and associating with convicted felons. In October 2004 the hip hop star was sentenced to 12 months and one day in jail plus two years of supervised release after being convicted of drug and gun charges. A hearing was called for yesterday (21FEB07) after he failed to inform his probation officer he had been stopped and questioned by police last August (06) while in the company of a felon known to police. Four months later Sigel - real name DWIGHT GRANT - tested positive for codeine morphine. Speaking in court yesterday, the 32-year-old told JUDGE R. BARCLAY SURRICK he had been given a prescription by his doctor days before a scheduled drug test. A prescription was shown to the court - but Judge Surrick extended the supervised release by six months, telling him he must get his situation "under control or otherwise I'm going to have to take action you're not going to appreciate."