Rapper Beanie Sigel is facing criticism over his claims he suffered gunshot wounds during an attempted robbery in May (06), as police officials refuse to believe his story. The 32-year-old - real name DWIGHT GRANT - told cops he was approached by five black men him in two vehicles as he sat in his car at an intersection in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He then supposedly had his watch and a chain stolen before being shot in the upper-right arm. But investigators are having trouble finding any evidence the crime even took place. Detective TRACY BYARD says, "No one believes him. We don't believe he was shot where he said he was shot. "There's a million and one holes in his story. We knocked on at least 30 doors in that area, and no one heard a thing." Sigel's lawyer, FORTUNATO PERRI JR, says police are "having a tough time swallowing the fact that he's a victim" because of the hip-hop star's previous criminal charges. The BEANIE (MACK BITCH) star recently served a year in prison on weapons charges. He was released in August (05) and the following month (SEP05) was acquitted of attempted murder charges. In November (05), he was sentenced to six months in prison for refusing to pay child support - but was released after an hour after paying the full amount.