Rapper Beanie Sigel is terrified he'll be handed a long prison sentence if he's convicted for his alleged part in a brawl that left an off-duty policeman TERRANCE SPELLER shot.

Sigel faces a considerable custodial sentence if he's found guilty of sparking the fracas outside Philadelphia's PONY TAIL BAR on 1 July last year (03).

But the rapper is convinced the charges against him are part of a police vendetta against him - and is fearful of the consequences.

He says, "They trying to give me 40 years. They might as well say that they wanna give me life.

"I'm about to turn 30. If they give me 20 years that means I'm a be 50 when I come home. What the f**k am I gonna do at 50 years-old?"

08/01/2004 09:34