Beady Eye's new single was originally intended for an Oasis album.

The group - which comprises former Oasis members Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Chris Sharrock and Andy Bell, and former Kasabian rocker Jay Mehler - previewed new track 'Flick Of The Finger' earlier this week, but the song was originally titled 'Velvet Building' and considered for a Death In Vegas-produced LP in 2004, before the project was abandoned.

Discussing the age of the track, Gem said: ''It was on cassette, that's how long ago it was.''

The track has been changed since his early inception, with new lyrics from Gem and Andy and the addition of a brass accompaniment and a spoken-word section, taken from Tariq Ali's book 'Street Fighting Years: An Autobiography Of The Sixties' and read by 'Fonejacker' star Kayvan Novak.

Speaking of the unlikely collaboration, Gem told ShortList magazine: ''We needed to re-record it anyway, and Kayvan came on board to do it. I just love that it's this heavy, heavy piece of wordage, but delivered by Fonejacker.''

Liam added: ''So that's the only guest appearance on the album - Fonejacker. And the first thing that people will hear of our new stuff is his voice, 'Say what you believe.' So he's lucked out there, the little f***er!''

Kayvan has also spoken about his role on the track, admitting he came to the band's attention thanks to a sketch which used Oasis' song 'She's Electric'.

He said: ''We recorded it round Gem's house and Andy and Liam were there in big fur coats.

''They like the show - the mouse is their favourite. I did a call where I was a mouse calling a talent agency, telling them I was an Oasis tribute act and sang 'She's Electric' down the phone.''