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lolno: no,i haven't.

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by Jordan Dowling

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I have to agree with the reviewer on this Liam. a review is asked for by bands and record companies for the sole purpose of getting feedback wether the feedback is positive or negative. If the reviewer called it shit or the next 'White Album' you take your chances. Its having the nuts to post/share the review. I doubt there will be many soundbites from this review but there'll be some suck up somewhere who will give Beatly Eye the tools to sell bazillions of albums, singles, itunes etc. By the way my band have released 2 albums and have always shared positive and negative feedback. If we got a review with 1/10 it would still be posted. Its all feedback! We're not scared.... or shit for that matter. By the way, how do Beady Eye have the gaul to charge 74 a ticket for Manchester Apollo? Thats just shit....

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by W.F.H

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it's all true: Different Gear, Still Speeding' is sh*t. It's really, really f*cking sh*t.

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by ahmalavo

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quick point, why review something to say its s**t? is music as black and white as that? if i listen to an obscure radiohead b-side thats on a single ive never heard and the reviews say its a masterpiece of musical creation am i supposed to like it? when in reality it bores the s**t out of me! thats why music reviews are pointless and the people who write them even more so because music is an expression an opinion of someones taste in music wether or not that person thinks its good, i happen to love the beady eye record i dont think its the white album but lets face it its a hell of a lot better than your last album, sorry you have never made an album (my mistake) if i dont like something dont listen to it i feel no point on reviewing a cheryl cole album and saying its s**t because i dont like that kind of music so whats the point of writing a review just to slate the band and their fans if they make an album and it makes 10 people happy thats better than not making an album at all, bit like cheryl cole makes kids happy with her music it might be s**t to you and me but they take summat from it and thats what matters and unfortuntley your review doesnt matter

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by liam2707

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Posted 6 years 7 months ago by liam2707

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This review is a bit harsh. Just a bit though. It's certainly not the worst album I've ever heard, but it's one hell of a far cry from the best. I think it would stand well against the rest of the modern music scene, but really? How difficult is that when you really think about?There is great, great talent in this band. Gem and Andy are utter fantastic muscians, and I think it shows in some of the songs of this album. The problem, to be blunt, is the lyrics (All the band members can share some blame here) and Liam's woefully inadequate vocals. This is a man who was one of the greatest frontmen in rock reduced to a whining, weezing echo of the "Voice of Oasis". I wanted to love this album so much. I wanted to hear that the horrible live performances that Liam had been phoning in over the last few years were just a mistake because he was bored (For an example, check out the live gig included in the collector's edition of Time Flies... Absolute rubbish in the worst way due to Liam's abysmal vocals).Added to the fact that it was quite a long, bloated thing to slog through, once I hit around the middle of the album I had to start double checking google to make sure the back end of the album wasn't just a bunch of covers. I know I've heard just about every one of those songs somewhere else but just couldn't place it, especially "Standing on the Edge of the Noise".There were a couple of bright spots. "Millionaire" was fun and "Kill For A Dream" was playfully whimsical... I just can't make myself call the rest of them memorable.And to all of the comparisons to Oasis... I don't see it myself. I mean, Beady Eye is a rock and roll band, so I suppose you can compare them in the same way that you can compare them to The Beatles or The Stone Roses or what have you. However, despite all of flagrant borrowing and sound a-likes I didn't hear anything really Oasis in any of that. Maybe some of Andy and Gem's songs from DBTT and DoYS were similar, but the meat of the Oasis catalogue did not reach my ears while listening to "Different Gear, Still Speeding". I suppose your mileage may vary.Overall, I would give it a 5/10. Definitely not as bad as the original review claims, but I can't say he's completely and utter wrong on song points.

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by Ponderous

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Got to agree with the reviewer, this album is terrible. I actually quite liked Oasis up to Be Here Now and still on later albums there sparks of greatness here and there. But this is truly truly awful, it sounds like the first band I was in when I was fifteen and we were dogs**te. This band could have been interesting had they adopted a bit of influence from Ride like the reviewer said, something that could shake the formula up a bit. Instead its just lazy riffs and crap Noel guitar solo's. The vocal melodies are even more horrendus and laughable.

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by Stupor

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Alistair, i think i make it pretty clear that I had high expectations of the album before listening to it? If you read the first two paragraphs of the review.What exactly is there to 'deconstruct'? i could easily write 200 words on each track but it would be pointless; it would give the impression that there is something of value worth criticising in great detail. I welcome you to read previous reviews I have done for this site. This isn't a typical review of mine, but this album isn't typical either. An album, no matter how good or bad you find it personally, typically offers at least one new idea, or has one thing to base a review around. 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', for me, doesn't.Or, of course, you could intermittently f**k off.

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by Jordan Dowling

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Jordan you sir are an arse, the album is of decent quality. Not great but a very good album. Stick to listening to Bruno Mars and Justin Beieber. knobhead

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by Jordan is a clown

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Jordan - I write for Contact intermittently and although I don’t like to criticise writers, this review is appalling. You clearly hated the album before you had listened to it as you have made no attempt to deconstruct the music or the lyrics. I can’t believe this is the worst album you’ve heard in the last 7 years.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Alastair Thompson

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Terrible, I'd say review, but this was all just the personal opinion of someone who can't move on from the glory days of Oasis. I wonder, does this guy get angry when he watches the Star Wars prequels or does he just accept them for what they are.First off, in my opinion Oasis ended on a high with Don't Believe the Truth and Dig Out Your Soul. Even Heathen Chemistry had a few gems. Anyway, from what I have heard so far of Different Gear, Still Speeding it sounds like fun. Certainly sounds like an album that will be a slow burn, that is you'll buy more and more into it over time. Kind of like with Floyd's the Division Bell (or the more pertinent Be Here Now).On the other hand it doesn't sound like its a Maybe or Glory or trying to relive the height of Oasis. Howeve. this is a new band, with a different focus fronted by one of the best rock vocalists we've had in years. By no means does it sound like its as bad as Standing on the Shoulders of Giants which apart from Gas Panic was utter dribble. I certainly have not heard anything as bad as Little did Liam ever get away with that one!

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by CloseSecond

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Jordanimal, is this a serious site? Probably you're the webmaster's son, 'cause you would get sacked.Of course I won't visit this site anymore and I'll talk s**t about it the same as you did. It seems you're the only one around thinking this about Beady Eye, so you're not credible. I've seen you wrote: "songs". And you even call this a "review" and yourself a "journalist"...

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Marco

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The reviewer couldn't be more wrong. Mate you sound jealous by their success... What an utterly crap review & waste of time to read.My view is that it's good, not great but listenable & a grower with time. It has some top tunes too.To the reviewer, how have the lads tour sold out if their songs were s**t. You utter pleb.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by djg1975

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wow we get it you hate oasis its only an album you tool your acting like liams a war criminal or somthing when was the last time you wrote a song you prick? if you dont like them then dont listen. its easy

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by beatles

beatles's picture

A lot are saying it's good, some are saying it's great and you're saying it's s**t. Nobody is right because it's each to their own! People should just buy it and see for themselves when it comes out instead of leaving negative comments on your review. As an Oasis fan and a Manchester lad I hope it's good. 5th Avenue have been playing The Roller for a while now and it awlays goes down well :/

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by David170390

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sorry Jordan but you get the impression you would have slagged whatever they put out! You haven't been very constructive in your criticism - give us more as to why without the little snidey digs...the review has no credibility. As a journalist myself it is all about being objective - what would Oasis fans like about the album for instance? Nothing in depth about your review which is disappointing!! You've basically said this song is s**t and this song is s**t! If you don't like it then fair enough but be OBJECTIVE! You look like some wee kid who has gone on a strop than a reviewer! I just hope you don't do the job full time.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Journo

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No, you didn't literally. But from the beginning of your review, it is clear that you don't have a lot of respect for Oasis... sorry, Beady Eye and their fans.It's okay for me that you think the album is abysmal, but your review just hasn't got any credibility. It’s just a “let’s bash Oasis… sorry, Beady Eye and have some fun.” Which isn’t really a problem to me, but then you shouldn’t have called your article a “review”. Indeed, the album of course isn’t as good as “Definitely Maybe” as Liam claimed a few weeks ago. But I do think it sounds fresh (thanks to Mr. Lillywhite), and that it was much better than expected. Yes I really enjoyed listening to it. Besides, you only reviewed 4 (!!) songs of the album. 4 songs and those 4 songs also contained the 2 worst songs of the album (SOTEOTN and B&S). You only forgot to slate “Wind Up Dream”, which I’m not too fond of either. And you even couldn’t be bothered to mention the beautiful ending of “The Morning Son” for example. Sorry man, but if you want to criticize a band, at least do it in a credible way, and don’t give the album a 1/10. That is just embarrassing. All the other reviews prove me right, most reviews were 4/5, some 3/5 a few 5/10. But 1/10? Seriously? If that’s your honest opinion, fine by me, but don’t expect people to put any value in your review.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Dytoonn

Dytoonn's picture

I don't think I did call Oasis s**te? Not for the entirety of their career anyway. Their first couple of albums can withstand any criticism, but can you honestly say that this album (Beady Eye, not Oasis) has any merit? I literally do think its one of the worst full-lengths I've ever heard, and in seven years of reviewing it's the worst one I've had to review. I'm not being 'pretentious', i'm just being honest.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Jordan Dowling

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Yes, this review is pretentious.You make fun of a band and its fans -so that includes myself- just because you don't like their music and their attitude.Oasis meant so much to so many people. You can hate their music, but you can't objectively dismiss their music as "utter s**te". Even the fiercest (educated) Oasis-haters I know, generally admit that they had their qualities and that they influenced a lot of bands that are popular now, but that it just isn’t their cup of tea. I, for example, really dislike Radiohead. I’d go as far as to say that I hate them. But does that mean that I make fun of my friends who are Radiohead fans? No. I’m a musician myself, and I know Tom Yorke is a very good and talented musician. But bar a couple of songs from the 90’s, I can’t really listen to anything he’s put out the last decade.As for Beady Eye, you’re clearly not being objective. It’s not wrong for a reviewer to give his opinion to the reader, but you just aren’t being credible anymore. Giving an album 1/10 is just a disgrace. There’s nothing wrong with making fun of a band, but at least don’t pretend that you wrote a “review”.I’m glad that enough other reviews from other magazines prove you wrong.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Dytoonn

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I have no idea how you can call my review pretentious? Lazy...perhaps, but such a lazy album deserves nothing more.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Jordan Dowling

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Pretentious and lazy journalism. Simple.

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Cherd

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Hello friend.Typically, a journalist will recieve an album ahead of release date in order to review it. This is such a case.And no, I'm not really a Blur fan. Is the Oasis/Blur rivalry still going?

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Jordan Dowling

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What a k*ob head your obviously a Blur fan – how can you review an Album that’s not out yet?!Poor quality – you probably heard some bootleg version on Youtube!

Posted 6 years 8 months ago by Lord Don't Slow...

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