LATEST: A lawsuit filed by THE Beach Boys was thrown out of court earlier this month (DEC06) after a lawyer representing the band showed up 13 minutes late for the court hearing. On 11 December (06) DANNY MORIN, the attorney for the band's company Brother Records Inc, showed up late for a hearing in Los Angeles Federal Court. Judge MANUEL REAL, who is known for his explosive tirades, dismissed the case when Morin didn't appear at his scheduled time. Brother Records filed the lawsuit last January (06), seeking $20 million (GBP10 million) in damages from two men who allegedly stole a large stash of the band's memorabilia from a warehouse in North Hollywood, California. The band claimed that ALAN GABA, who owned the warehouse, and his friend, ROY SCIACCA, stole such items as Brian Wilson and Mike Love's contract for the song DO IT AGAIN, photos of the band with George Harrison, and original music compositions. The 11 December (06) hearing was the final pre-trial conference, the last stage before the case was set to go to trial.