The musical based on the music of THE Beach Boys is being abandoned just three months after opening on New York's Broadway.

GOOD VIBRATIONS, which opened in February (05) and closes on Sunday (24APR05), was America's great hope to rival Europe's hugely successful musicals MAMMA MIA and WE WILL ROCK YOU - based on the hits of Abba and Queen respectively.

But critics hated the show and audiences stayed away.

US showbiz magazine VARIETY slammed the effort as "amateurish" and a "wipeout", claiming it had a "chaotic sense of haphazard, try-anything desperation".

Meanwhile, The New York Times labelled it a "singing headache... lumbering, brainless, aimless and tacky."

The critic added, "Good Vibrations sacrifices itself, night after night and with considerable anguish, to make all other musicals on Broadway look good."

20/04/2005 18:06