THE Beach Boys have commissioned SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND artwork creator Sir Peter Blake to provide illustrations for a limited edition version of their classic album Pet Sounds.

Blake befriended SURFIN' USA hitmaker Brian Wilson and his former band in the 1960s, and was thrilled when the singer approached him to decorate their latest offering.

He says, "I have been working with Brian Wilson to produce a limited edition illustrated book of Pet Sounds' lyrics.

"Brian has always liked my work and was keen to set up a collaboration.

"So I am sent, from America, copies of his handwritten lyrics and then I work my designs and illustration around these.

"When I went to see them play, I made a point of producing a sketch for each band member and handing it over at the end of the gig.

"Whenever Brian is in London we meet for dinner, and have become good friends."