THE Beach Boys songwriter Brian Wilson has reportedly asked THE Beatles producer SIR GEORGE MARTIN to remix some of his former band's classic songs. Martin and his son GILES recently re-worked a number of Beatles hits for Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil stage show LOVE. The 81-year-old claimed it would be his final job, but Wilson was impressed and wants the veteran to collaborate with him on a similar project. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "Brian attended the American premiere of Love last year and is a big fan. He now wants to convince George and Giles to remix some of his old Beach Boys songs fir a new album. "As far as Brian's concerned it would be a dream to work with George. "While it's unclear if George will agree, it's known he's a big admirer if Brian Wilson as a songwriter so he might well persuaded to put off his retirement one last time."