A London auction house has denied claims it is selling items stolen from pop legends THE Beach Boys.

The band have threatened a civil suit against Cooper Owen, alleging 28 lots intended for sale next week - including the original arrangement sheets for GOOD VIBRATIONS and GOD ONLY KNOWS, both with handwritten notes by songwriter BRIAN WILSON - were stolen.

They have also threatened action against the person selling the items and whoever buys them.

But Cooper Owen insists the vendor bought the items legitimately from a representative of the band.

Managing director John Collins says, "No proof of theft has been offered.

"The vendor vigorously denies the claims. He is furious as he bought the items at a sale by a Beach Boys representative who was clearing out junk around 25 years ago."

Other items in the collection include Wilson and co-writer Mike Love's contract for the hit DO IT AGAIN and personal photographs of the band with late BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON, as well as original test pressings for some of their best known hits including Fun, FUN, FUN and I GET AROUND.