Former GOLDEN GIRLS star Bea Arthur has joined forces with the PEOPLE OF THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) to attack a chiropractic school.

Dozens of employees at the PALMER CHIROPRACTIC UNIVERSITY SYSTEM in Port Orange, Florida, reportedly received taped telephone messages from the actress on Thursday (12JUN03).

Arthur said in the recordings that the Iowa-based Palmer "mutilates" cats and also asked its employees to oppose the school's chiropractic research. The calls were made on behalf of PETA.

PETA's website urges supporters to contact Palmer officials. But employees at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida say PETA's campaign has led to dozens of "abusive" letters, email messages and phone calls.

Palmer spokesman RANDY HEUSTON says, "It's outrageous. (PETA) encourages people to call and harass us. They have placed their philosophy of animal rights above medical, chiropractic health care progress."

17/06/2003 02:26