The GOLDEN GIRLS star Bea Arthur has been branded a "terrorist" for aggressively leading a PEOPLE FOR ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) campaign against fast-food chain KFC.

Senior KFC executive JONATHAN BLUM attacked PETA celebrities - like PAUL MCCARTNEY, Pamela Anderson, Russell Simmons and BEA ARTHUR - before a senate judiciary committee and branded PETA's anti-KFC protests, threats and adverts "corporate terrorism".

Arthur angrily retaliated, "Any chicken will tell you that KFC are the corporate terrorists. Not those trying to stop animal abuse."

The actress has been campaigning to stop KFC from using chickens that are de-feathered live in scalding tanks and was furious when Republican senator ORRIN HATCH of Utah agreed that aggressive animal rights groups should be classified as terrorists.

But Democratic senator PATRICK LEAHY of Vermont defended Arthur saying, "Most Americans would not consider the harassment of animal-testing facilities to be terrorism any more than they would consider anti-globalism protesters to be terrorists".

28/05/2004 18:00