Veteran blues star Bb King believes the colour of his skin has prevented him from achieving mainstream success, because the world's population prefers to listen to white musicians. THE THRILL IS GONE hitmaker is regarded by many as the greatest blues guitarist of all time, and he refuses to be bitter, preferring to focus on the positives his career has enjoyed. The 80-year-old is grateful to contemporary stars including Eric Clapton and U2 for the exposure he gained from high profile collaborations with them. He says, "I'm not white, I'm a black guy. White groups from England, they're going to get played and people are going to look to them before me. "They have all the radio and TV stations, something people like me have never had access to. "I have no envy at all of those people. Thank God for them. "I'm grateful for the ones that do have a liking for me, they opened many doors."