Blues singer BIG JOE TURNER has been slammed by a British music festival promoter after he and his wife allegedly used their hotel room as a toilet.

The former Bb King bassist and his spouse reportedly defecated on their bed sheets and filled a rubbish bin to the top with urine whilst staying at the WASHINGTON CENTRAL HOTEL in Workington, Cumbria, England.

The hotel's staff were shocked by what they found when Turner checked out after fulfilling his commitments at the MARYPORT BLUES FESTIVAL. Hotel managers had allowed the room to be used free of charge in support of the music event.

Promoter RAY MARTIN says, "I have worked with some hard rock people who have thrown TVs out of bedroom windows but I have never had this.

"He is definitely banned from working with my company again. If someone asked me if I would rent a room to him, I would not."

22/08/2004 14:20