Baz Luhrmann says his wife Catherine Martin still knows how to ''rock out'' in the bedroom.

The 55-year-old director has been married to the 53-year-old costume designer since 1997, and despite the passing of time, the couple still know how to have a good time between the sheets.

Asked whether they still have regular sex, he answered: ''Yeah, we do. And you know what? She rocks out. She's a bit of a wolf. She always dresses up in strange costumes.''

Despite still enjoying an active erotic life, Baz concedes that their lovemaking exploits have evolved over time.

The acclaimed writer - who has daughter Lillian, 14, and son William, 12, with his wife - revealed that he's slowed down as he's gotten older.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''Look, it's never gonna be like when you were 20. I'm not saying it's boring, but it becomes part of the ceremony: the intimacy, the talk afterwards.

''Our relationship is full of acceptance. She knew who I was going in, and I knew who she was. Without going into details, we've lived a pretty boho life. There's nothing about either of us that the other one doesn't know. We have our way, and that works for us.''

The loved-up couple first met in the late 80s and, at the time, Baz was going by his birth name of Mark Anthony Luhrmann.

However, he subsequently changed his name to Baz by deed poll after being likened to a fictional anthropomorphic fox called Basil Brush from a British TV show.

Baz - who now splits his time between New York and Sydney - said: ''I had this crazy curly hair, this big 'fro, and at school there were all these boys in their uniforms who used to beat the s**t out of me.

''They called me Basil Brush and the name stuck. At some point I changed it by deed poll.''