The filmmaker reportedly recruited Prince to work on the soundtrack to his period drama, but when the movie was released in 2013, the Kiss star's vocals were nowhere to be found.

Now Luhrmann has revealed they did indeed team up for the project, but the late legend, who co-wrote and produced Love... Thy Will Be Done for singer/songwriter Martika in 1991, was unable to get full clearance to have it feature on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, reports

Recalling the failed venture during a talk at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Saturday (23Apr16), Luhrmann said, "In one of the great sadnesses that I've been reminded of with the passing of Prince is that on Gatsby... I was working with Prince on a song for Gatsby and it was a re-imagined version of a song he did with Martika, called Love...Thy Will Be Done, and it was going to be a major piece in (the film).

"And we did work on it. He was in Australia touring and we did some work there. We did further work on it. In fact, we worked on it a lot. And there just came a moment when - it's a co-owned piece and he couldn't quite get it released. And at that stage I had to make another decision, so I went and worked with Lana Del Rey to do the piece (Young and Beautiful) we did."

During the festival appearance, Luhrmann also recalled what it was like collaborating with Prince on the rearranged When Doves Cry for the wedding scene in 1996's Romeo + Juliet, another of the director's projects with leading man Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Working with him (Prince), he is what he appears to be: one of a kind," Luhrmann sighed. "There's only one Prince, and it's a great sadness that he's no longer with us."

The pop superstar, 57, died on Thursday (21Apr16) at his Paisley Park studios in Minnesota.