LATEST: Former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra is closer to allowing TV cameras into her wedding, after advice from Sharon Osbourne.

Electra, who counts Osbourne as one of her dearest friends, admits she and her fiance rocker Dave Navarro have been unsure about allowing MTV to make a reality show on their wedding ceremony later this year (03).

She says, "I was really unsure about it so I called Sharon Osbourne, who's a good friend of mine, because she's been doing this for so long. She got married on The Osbournes on MTV so I asked her for her opinion and she said, 'Go for it. It'll be fun. It documents going through the whole process of getting married.'

"They're gonna cover it anyway."

Electra has also realised another advantage to accepting the offer - having her wedding paid for.

She notes, "That could be the positive side of it."

21/08/2003 02:19