The model/actress daughter of Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has blamed her use of diet pills for giving a false positive breathalyser test result during a Dui arrest in 2012.

Hayley Hasselhoff was stopped by cops in Los Angeles in November, 2012 on suspicion of speeding and drink driving, but she initially denied the allegation, insisting she had been pulled over but was never arrested or charged with driving under the influence (Dui).

However, legal papers filed against the 22 year old by the Los Angeles City Attorney state otherwise, claiming she had been slapped with the count after she was caught allegedly driving 85 miles-an-hour (137 kilometres-an-hour) in a 55 mile-per-hour (88.5 kilometre-per-hour) zone.

The documents further reveal a bench warrant was issued for her arrest in January, 2013 after she and her lawyer failed to attend an arraignment hearing.

Her driver's licence was subsequently suspended, but now she is petitioning officials at the Department of Motor Vehicles to overturn the ruling.

She filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (03Sep14) seeking a peremptory writ of mandamus, a formal written command, to have the licence suspension reversed, insisting her weightloss drug Phentermine had caused her body to produce a substance called ketones, which cannot be distinguished from alcohol by some breath test devices.

Her suit states, "The breath device readings were so low that they were consistent with readings obtained from ketones, and not alcohol."