Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff dumped his role as stage villain CAPTAIN HOOK for a seat alongside TV baddie Simon Cowell. The actor was lined up to star in children's favourite Peter Pan in an English pantomime production this Christmas (06) but unexpectedly pulled out of the show last month (JUN06). Now he reveals the decision was not due to a hectic schedule, as previously reported, but because he got offered a better deal by the acid-tongued pop mogul to judge a new US TV talent show. He says, "I wanted to do the show for my children, because my daughter was going to play WENDY. "That's the only reason I was going to do it. Anyway, I got offered this part in AMERICA'S GOT TALENT with SIMON COWELL and decided to take that instead. "But I'd love to come back and do it again, perhaps next year (07)."