Former Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra hates flying - because she is always stopped and searched by airport security.

The sexy actress finds airport staff love pulling her aside whenever she's about to board a jet, but can't understand why.

She says, "I hate flying. I'm not afraid to fly, but I always get singled out, for some reason.

"Every time I take my luggage through, they always pick me to get searched. I get so mad - I hate it.

"(One man) gave me the pat-down, but then he was like, 'Are you holding any firearms?' I said, 'No.' 'Fireworks? Weapons?' 'No.' 'Lotion?' 'I think I used a bronzer, like, three hours ago.

"He was saying that there's TNT in lotion. I don't know. I almost got strip-searched for that.

"I'm about to (take the bus) if this keeps happening."