Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has accepted "substantial" libel damages from OK! magazine.

The former Knightrider star said that he was "very pleased" at the outcome of the case after damages were awarded for an article claiming he was drunk.

A report in the July 3rd issue of the magazine accused Mr Hasselhoff of being "off his face" in a Los Angeles nightclub and said he was abusive to staff.

However, the actor's lawyer Simon Smith told the judge that he had actually drunk energy drinks during the evening and no longer drank alcohol.

He added that Mr Hasselhoff had been "independently tested" as being sober on the day in question and the day after.

The publishers of the magazine, Northern and Shell and its American arm, have agreed to print apologies about the report.

A witness confirmed that Mr Hasselhoff had not drunk any alcohol during the evening and was not at any point abusive towards staff.

The actor is currently a judge on the show America's Got Talent along with Simon Cowell.

24/08/2007 16:05:01