Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has tried his luck with another sexy journalist, just days after flirting outrageously live on air with British GMTV host JENNI FALCONER. Showbiz columnist SUZANNE KERINS, who writes for British tabloid the Sunday Mirror, was presenting Hasselhoff with the Guinness World Record for Most Watched Man on TV at London's posh Claridges Hotel, when the 54-year-old attempted to wow the young reporter with his charm. The Hoff told her, "I was falling asleep on GMTV until I saw Jenni. Wow, she was beautiful! "But look at you, Suzanne. I'm looking at your legs - I like your legs and I'm just loving your toes." Upon presentation of the award, Hasselhoff cheekily insisted, "Let's celebrate, Suzanne, with a kiss - on the lips of course!"