Former Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra was left terrified during a trip to American gambling capital Las Vegas - when her driver knocked over a transvestite.

But Electra, who was travelling with her rocker fiance Dave Navarro at the time, soon discovered she was a victim of Ashton Kutcher's hit prank show PUNK'D.

She recalls, "We arrived at the airport and DAX (SHEPARD) from the show was the driver. He was just like talking a lot and saying really rude things. He said Dave couldn't smoke, yet he was smoking a cigarette. Dave was pi***ed. It was crazy - insane.

"He drove us to the 'hood and I was like, 'Uhhh, I think the HARD ROCK (HOTEL) is that way.'

"We have no idea what's going on. Then we back into a transvestite. So we were panicked and I thought we were gonna get killed because people were screaming. It was insane."

But unfortunately, the episode never made it to screens - and is unlikely to emerge from the vaults of cable network MTV.

Electra explains, "I think there's some kinda lawsuit in Las Vegas so everyone they punked in Vegas is not gonna air. It's kinda like the lost Punk'd episode."

American Pie beauty Tara Reid also fell victim to Kutcher while in Las Vegas.

22/07/2003 09:09