Former Baywatch icon Pamela Anderson was once left half-naked and scared for her life on a trip to South America - after a lust-fuelled mob ripped off her clothes.
The former Playboy pin-up was sun-bathing on a beach in Uruguay at the height of her TV fame when she was suddenly surrounded by a group of male fans who were desperate to get close to the star.
And Anderson credits her bodyguard with saving her life after the overzealous crowd turned aggressive.
She explains, "I was on a beach in Uruguay when suddenly hundreds of men - not just boys - had me surrounded.
"I had my own security, but it wasn't enough for such a big crowd. My blouse got torn off and I was hit on the head by a rock, and for a moment I thought I wasn't going to get away.
"One of my security guys covered me with his body and got me away."