Baywatch beauty Angelica Bridges chased car thieves from her home in Montreal, Canada, wearing nothing but a skimpy thong.

The 28-year-old former Playboy centre-fold leapt into action after spotting two men trying to steal her $56,000 (GBP35,000) HUMMER H2 off-roader - even thought she was topless.

Bridges was then dragged down her drive-way screaming abuse at the robbers, while her husband, ice-hockey star SHELDON SOURAY, attempted to smash the car's window with his fist so he could grab the keys.

The men eventually escaped with the car - but abandoned it just a kilometre away.

A police officer says, "They may have been tempted to stay for an ogle until the husband came out."

Souray's bruised knuckles had to be treated by medics.

20/06/2003 02:17