Former Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson went on a romantic date with British pop hunk Robbie Williams during her recent trip to London.

The blonde actress was in the capital promoting her new book STAR, and took the opportunity to hook up with one of showbiz's most eligible bachelors.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY STAR, "Pamela really wanted to meet Rob properly. So she asked her people to fix up a dinner. She's had a bit of a crush on him for a while, so although she's attached she couldn't see the harm in striking up a flirty friendship.

"For his part Rob was flattered, he couldn't resist.

"Although the line was drawn at playful banter they made a dynamite combination. It was clear they fancied each other and I could easily see it growing into something more in different circumstances.

"They both recognised they had so much in common."

01/11/2004 13:42