Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson is so staunchly opposed to the fur trade, she refuses to interact with anyone she spots wearing animal skin.

The busty blonde - who is an ardent campaigner for PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) - stunned guests at Las Vegas' Palms Hotel last week (ends18FEB05) when she snubbed an elevator car after noticing one of the occupants was sporting a fur coat.

Anderson, who was in the gambling mecca to promote her new fashion range, waited patiently until a lift became available without the offensive presence of a mink garment.

PETA spokesman DAN MATTHEWS says, "The elevators were filled. Pam waited with Dennis Rodman, DAVID LaCHAPELLE and Stephen Dorff as elevator after elevator went by, filled to capacity.

"After 10 cars came and went, one finally stopped with two people inside, but one of the women was wearing a fur coat. 'Going down?' the woman asked, to which Pam replied, 'Yes, but not with you, lady. Get rid of the fur.'"

23/02/2005 14:36