Former Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson has persuaded prestigious car makers Daimler-Benz to start manufacturing vehicles without leather fittings.

The busty blonde bombshell hated the idea of sitting on an animal skin interior so much she demanded it be removed from her new car.

And in a strong letter to the German/US firm, the animal rights activist pleaded it make all future Mercedes G-55 models without leather seats and trimmings.

She wrote, "Animals used for their skin suffer from confinement, fear, painful mutilations, deprivation of all that is natural and important to them, and cruel treatment during transport and slaughter."

"I want no part of that, but I would like a Mercedes.

"May I ask that you please make all Benz models available without animal skin?

"Nowadays, people see leather less as a luxury and more as smelly, dead skin."