Former Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul and AUSTIN POWERS star Mindy Sterling have joined forces to campaign against new proposals to market silicon breast implants in America.

Neither actress has undergone breast surgery, but both claim to be shocked and horrified at the nightmare stories they've heard from those who have - so they have joined steering group IN THE KNOW to fight plans by the US FOOD + DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) to change laws set in 1992 to limit the use of silicon implants.

Sterling, who plays FRAU FARBISSINA in the Austin Powers movies, says, "The foreign objects placed in your body is devastating and the deterioration and what it does to you, what it can do to you, is horrifying."

Paul adds, "It concerns me when there are 16 and 18-year-olds having implants."

Former DALLAS star LEIGH TAYLOR YOUNG, who has had silicon implanted and removed from her chest, took centre stage at an In The Know dinner on Monday (08SEP03) to reveal her nightmare.

She said, "It took the doctor over three hours just to scrape the calcification and scar tissue out of my chest. My left breast would not heal from the surgery."

10/09/2003 09:12