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dear rightfull worshipfull hon MASTER ALEXANDRA PAUL(BAYWATCH) is with great hardships that we are looking searching needing support in finding a law company firm that would or will be so kind in helping us with::ref: 17/18 may (acre..akko..akka) assasinated della volpe hotel sao paulo..his molar tooth been taken off in the hit..edmundo pinto pds..ref: alexandre paes santos & claudia penna(feather..germanish) meeting with president r.g mugabe..osvaldo simoes(family member nelson piquet f-1 driver) my dearest friend fabio R O C H A de jesus while with the simoes..ref: 04 oct 1992..all el crash over was full of father is a chemist..did board a flight in (sal)salvador..bahia..brazil..please where was i ?(hanover)..where was i going ? died 01 may was great having senna and xuxa as neighbours..~~ dear r. w. hon MASTER ALEXANDRA PAUL(BAYWATCH)..please what a british embassador for brazil would be doing inside alexandre paes santos office at the time of 20:00/21:00 ?..never seem a man transpirate so much..he was ducking all over the place..he did look me down..he liked me not..~~## dr peter collecott cmg british embassador for brazil at the moment may not be what he seems to be..##myself..i stand very fearfull for my life..***** please brazil needs the basic security system now !!!! *****// please why are we been sacrificed when we are needed must ?.. //^^ soares junior 02.02.1967my brother 25.12.1969 ^..the couch & james forward hearing from you soon..i remain sincerely thanks..464x443quad.. sterl.. + 1x464tril.. sterl.. for the time being..SAINT ERIK ED..PATRON OF SWEDEN..KING AND MARTYR..17 MAY 1160..HIS HOLINESS POPE JOHN PAUL II BIRTHDAY..18 MAY 1920..HER MAJESTY QUEEN OF SWEDEN SILVIA SOARES..LORD BUDDHA BIRTHDAY..15 MAY..AMORC 1915 PEACE PROFOUND..POLIGRAPH..02.02.1935..PORTAGE..WISCONSIN..USA..GRACEwe support the moviment at camp david usa * please bring the troops out of iraque..*we support the viaox/merck compensations..please..check message boards..

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by THE AKASHIC FIELD..



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