Bauhaus star DAVID J has penned a new musical based on the life of Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick. The goth-rocker's Silver For Gold stage show will premiere at Los Angeles' Met Theatre in March (08). David J will also direct the world premiere production. His spokeswoman Versa Manos says, "The stage production explores one of the most charismatic yet misunderstood figures in popular culture. "Silver For Gold traces the heroine's dazzling rise and eventual downward spiral in a mythological theatrical experience that is part one-woman show, part rock concert replete with avant-garde minimalist staging and video imagery." Monique Jenkinson will play Sedgwick in the musical. David J, full name David J. Haskins, says, "Writing Silver For Gold, it felt as if I had entered into a subtle psychic relationship with this beautiful dead girl and she was actively encouraging me to write. "She became a bright light that glowed all the brighter whenever I started to create. It was as if she was feeding on the attention."