New movies including Battle: Los Angeles and James Cameron's thriller Sanctum have had their Japanese release dates postponed over fears some scenes are too disturbing to be shown in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami.
The alien war movie, starring Aaron Eckhart, topped the U.S. box office chart this month (Mar11) and was due to open in Japan on 1 April (11), but movie bosses have deemed the film unsuitable to be shown in the country following the massive earthquake and tidal wave which recently devastated the east coast.
Sanctum, which tells the story of a group of cave-divers caught up in a violent cyclone, has also seen its Japanese release date axed because of concerns over some of the footage. The film, which boasts Cameron as a producer and stars Richard Roxburgh and Ioan Gruffudd, was due for release in the country on 22 April (11). A new release date has yet to be decided.