The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated films of 2012 and fans of the Batman films were given another injection of excitement as the first six minutes of it was shown in various cinemas worldwide, giving a tantalising glimpse at the caped crusader's newest villain Bane - played by Tom Hardy.

Producer Emma Thomas was at the London screening, reports The Press Association, and she emphasised how "big" director Christopher Nolan wanted everything to be in his final film in charge of the franchise. "On The Dark Knight Rises, there were about 20 minutes of film that was shot on native IMAX cameras. In making these movies, Chris is making the experience as big and as immersive as it possibly can be," she explained, furthering "He was trying to get back to the feeling that he had as a kid when he would go and see great, big, entertaining action movies and IMAX is his favourite format. He feels that this is the way he wants people to see the movie in an ideal world."

The preview clip sees a speech by Gary Oldman's character Commissioner Gordon before fans get the tiniest snap of villain Bane. The film will be released in July 2012 and, as well as being Nolan's last film at the helm, will also see Christian Bale hang up the mask.