Batman BEGINS star Linus Roache took a step back from Hollywood after shooting controversial 1994 movie PRIEST - because he was becoming far too successful too quickly.
The British actor hates the fact that celebrities are the "new gods of our time" and didn't want to become a superstar following his first big break.
So he turned down roles and took a two-year sabbatical.
He tells WENN, "I think it's an interesting part of our culture and our nature, in a sad way, that movie stars became the new gods of our time. Celebrities are the hierarchy and it's not appropriate; it's wrong.
"I say this pretty confidently because I took two years off after Priest because it's nuts. Your priorities are wrong. I had achieved a lot and set out to do the things I wanted to do, and I went, 'What now? More of this?'
"I just couldn't keep on going because I wasn't fulfilled."
But starring opposite Angelina Jolie in Beyond Borders eventually made Roache realise celebrity isn't always a bad thing: "Sometimes you get a little deluded and lost and then you realise celebrity can be a good thing in the proper place. I think Brad and Angie are perfect examples of what a celebrity can become for the better.
"I worked with her in Beyond Borders and that girl really walks her talk and I think that's awesome."