Holy Broadway, Batman! The Caped Crusader is set to be the subject of a new Jim Steinman stage musical. Composer Steinman, the man behind rock anthems by Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler, among others, has been toying with the idea of creating BATMAN, THE MUSICAL for years - and now it looks as if his plan will be realised. The Bat Out Of Hell hitmaker shelved the Batman musical idea, which he hoped to create with quirky film-maker Tim Burton, two years ago (04) to allow both to concentrate on other projects. But now Steinman has put the venture high on his priority list after letting fans hear two news songs he has written for the musical. The first, NOT ALLOWED TO LOVE, is a dark duet penned for Batman and CATWOMAN, and the second WHERE DOES HE GET THOSE TOYS? - a tune for Batman villain THE JOKER and sung by Steinman himself - was debuted on Steinman's website over the weekend (15/16JUL06). There are no official details as to when Steinman's Batman musical will hit the stage, or if Burton is still attached to the project.