The Batman BEGINS sequel is shrouded in such secrecy that Heath Ledger is being forced to prepare for his portrayal of villain THE JOKER based on a glimpse of the script. The Aussie actor reveals secretive director Chris Nolan refused to let him leave his house with the script for THE DARK KNIGHT and so he's planning the character based on memory. Ledger explains, "I don't have a script. I've read it once at Chris Nolan's house but he wouldn't let me leave with it. "I do have a plan of attack already and an understanding of the role but, at this point, I'm working solo because Chris Nolan is still busy promoting THE PRESTIGE and he's still rewriting the script." Ledger is, however, convinced he'll have no problems perfecting the colourful character - because he was destined to play The Joker. He adds, "The offer motivated me to take it, the opportunity to play this guy. Somewhere inside I kind of knew instantly what to do with it. I didn't feel like I had to suffer for this role."